Leela Celebrates 20 Years As Warden

20 years ago this year Leela started as warden at Nambikkai Illam. A celebration was held on Sunday 26th February. About 36 old boys and girls came during the morning and stayed for lunch – Biryani of course! Several came with their wives and children. Leela was suitably adorned with an Indian shawl (a gesture of honour) and a photo album with lots of photos from the last 20 years was presented to her along with a gift and signed card from all the children. Several gave testimony to her love and care as a mother to them while they were at the home.

Brian Tugwell gave a message about Leela being a comforter to the children and now she herself would be comforted from Isaiah 66:13. Look out for more about Leela’s 20 years in a future newsletter.


About Faith Welfare Trust

FWT works with young people in India: to provide a safe home and loving Christian environment for deprived children; and to provide access to education and suitable further training to maximise their opportunity to earn a living wage and escape the poverty trap. FWT is managed in the UK by a board of trustees comprising Alistair Coomer, Joy Rafferty-Smith, Tessa and Chris Sayers, Elsie and Brian Tugwell, Rachel and John Fisher and Helen Webster. They are assisted in India by the Nambikkai Illam Trust, based in Chennai, which manages the two childrenʼs homes at nearby Vengadu and Navalur villages and provides support to Faith Public School at Rajahmundry, about 350 miles further North.
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